Pregnancy Care Tips

Pregnancy is that blessed phase of life which every woman loves in spite of all the odds it accompanies, and every man dreams of, knowing how much inconvenience it will cause to his beloved wife. All the couples going through this wonderful period try to make it easier for them. One of the ways to do so is through regular exercise.

It is important to take pregnancy care tips from your doctor or a midwife because exercising is as important during pregnancy as the intake of a good balanced diet. A good diet helps your baby grow and the exercise helps in the absorption of nutrients as well as keeps you active weaning away the lethargy.

Exercise with a professional instructor to avoid any complications or accidents. This will also give you the confidence of movement as well as the required vigor.

It also helps in reducing common problems like constipation, backache, heartburn etc.

Most of the women are concerned about gaining weight or being overweight. Exercising is an answer to this; it has been observed that those who regularly exercise during pregnancy do not gain excess weight.

Another major benefit is that it helps avoiding gestational diabetes, which is a common risk among overweight pregnant women.

Pregnancy care also includes exercise regularly because it makes labor easier.

The baby is also expected to be leaner and calmer because of regular activity of the expecting mother.

Another important benefit is quicker post-birth recovery of the mother.

A pregnant woman is advised to indulge in at least half an hour of moderate exercise daily. It could be simply taking a walk or prenatal exercise. This doesn’t have to be very organized and can be done irregularly.

There are certain conditions when the exercise should be stopped or discontinued immediately:





Breathing difficulty

Palpitation of heart

If fluid leaks or vaginal bleeding

Uterine contractions

Pregnancy health tips include that the exercise regime doesn’t have to be rigorous. It can be light and done in sessions of 10 mins or 15 mins rather than at a stretch.

Pregnancy care is very important so as to maintain a good health during this most beautiful period when even exercising becomes a part of the pampering you get from the rest of the world. This part of the pampering must be properly regulated under the professional guidance.

When we think about postnatal exercise, the thought about supplements automatically strike our minds. However, it is important to know that there are hardly any nutrients which cannot be consumed through a proper balanced diet. Still, if there is a need to consume artificial or packed supplements, we must try to use only the ones which are certified. The dose must also be prescribed by a professional practitioner like a doctor or a dietician.

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