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Beauty And The Beast

It is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder – well so does Beauty – the more you peer at something beautiful the more you yearn for it. Beauty injects an essence of elegance – an emotion felt within which comes with feeling good about your self. But leading a healthy lifestyle has to be the most important of all.

Health plays a major role in contributing to the beautiful feeling experienced when looking good. Many women tend to suffer from Beauty and the Beast syndrome – where one day an effort is made to look good and then the next – no matter what you do – it just is not happening. Why? Well it is no secret; there are two main key issues to take claim of being beautiful. and that is the (take 2 factor) number 1 look good and 2 is feel good – if you don`t feel good about yourself then don`t expect to look good.

Transformation can take place in the beauty department if you make a stand and sort yourself out. Your health dominates how you feel – how you look and how you think so any concerns that are causing you sorrow whether it be a health or beauty matter then remember a problem shared is a problem halved. Speak with your local GP and once you are given the all clear – take note of the change in your whole entity, a personality change comes with looking beautiful.

A fabulous way to find the beauty within – is to let it out. Inner beauty can be released by practising yoga. Yoga is an amazing exercise that understands what the body`s wants and needs are. Anxiety and tension bring on frowns – meaning more wrinkles, this is not part of any known beauty package. A beautiful person injects happiness and smiles that come from the heart (a healthy one)

Feeling good about your self is the first step in the right direction to making your beauty regime a more pleasurable one – guaranteed. Once you have claimed a content mind minus any matters of concern – it is then after you apply your beauty cosmetics you will notice the mirror image of yourself will be that of a changed person. Confront the reflection of the beast in the mirror and watch the beauty transformation take place. Notice how the facial skin turns to that of a fresh complexion – see how the lip gloss is now a glow. All because you feel good.

Beauty /Health magazines have wonderful ideas and tips on being beautiful and you will find many online support centres on beauty very fulfilling but what you have to bear in mind is, these beauty support groups on health and fashion do just that – give advice.

This is about you and being beautiful so regardless of whether the advice given, is by Sharon Stone, you are never going to experience that feeling of walking along the red carpet unless you feel good.

Women’s Health & Beauty

This majestic Ebook “MUST KNOW Answers, Secrets & Tips on Women’s Health & Beauty” gives opportunity for our lovely wives, daughters, mothers & Grandmothers discover health and beauty secrets.

Hormones-Beauty-Health is the leading provider of informational articles regarding beauty advice, beauty tips, cosmetics, health, natural skin care, anti-aging skin care, and serious skin care products.

This site is available to help women discover health and beauty secrets. We also help women take an inventory of their health and their bodies.

This book is a collection of essays and articles written for Hormone- Beauty-Health. All Articles are organized around the three big topics:

• Hormones
• Beauty

Health Hormones-Beauty-Health has its origins in providing useful information and contacts to the aging population of women experiencing menopause symptoms. Hormone Replacement Therapy is one of the most controversial topics in healthcare today.

Whether we want to admit it or not, our bodies change as we become older. The key to these changes seem to be that dreaded word “hormones.” This chapter features several articles about hormones and changes to your hormones as you age. We have essays about life before menopause, the transition stage referred to as perimenopause, and menopause. Our goal in these articles is to show you how you can embrace your life at all these stages and how you can enjoy good health. These articles answer your questions about how your hormones change in each stage, and give you examples and suggestions of things you can do to ease this transitional stage. We’ll discuss health issues that result from hormone changes, symptoms of hormone changes, and how you can help or alleviate some of these symptoms.

We can all lead happy, healthful lives by monitoring our diet, exercise and sleep. The articles in this section give you insights into your body, your hormones, and how those hormonal ranges change over time. Throughout this chapter, you’ll find hints, tips and suggestions of living a healthy life at all hormonal levels and ages. For your convenience, we’ve added all our tips to the “Hot Tips” section at the end of the book.

There’s no doubt that hormones can be something that causes a bit of a roller-coaster in our lives. Fortunately, all the changes we go through are completely natural. There’s no reason why we can’t embrace our hormones as our bodies change. With simple nourishment, organic treatments, vitamins and supplements, we can easily overcome any problem our hormones through at us.

Beauty Introduction

Women spend millions of dollars every year in the United States on beauty products. We are all interested in finding that fountain of youth, the perfect beauty serum, the right diet, the secret exercise, or the perfect hair care products. We think beauty care is fascinating too. That’s why we are always on the lookout for interesting articles on beauty – specifically skin care, diet, hair and nail care. In this book you’ll find lots of information about incorporating natural products to help your appearance. We’ve taken the informative and interesting articles and essays for this beauty section. Have fun exploring our articles on maintaining your natural beauty – because beauty really does start on the inside.

Top Six Health Tips to Flatten Your Belly

If you are one among the millions looking to get rid of stomach fat flab, you have good news. You can get a flat tummy, no matter how fat you are. However, it is not easy. Far from that, if you have commitment to a flat, beautiful belly, you can get the desirable physique in less than 12 months. Read on to learn how.

1. Count Calories

This is the first step you need to take. You need to stop harming your body by adding more fat than is necessary. By cutting down on unwanted snacks, ice creams, fast food, burgers, etc, you can minimize the calorie intake. Substitute unhealthy food items with healthy choices. You really can distinguish between healthy and unhealthy food items – ask your heart.

2. Burn Calories

To burn calories means, spend energy. Be physically active. If you are still addicted to your PS3, it is time to try something different – rock climbing, swimming, dancing, running, etc are all healthy alternatives. These activities will promote metabolism – conductive to getting rid of stomach fat flab.

3. Eat Six Meals a Day

Instead of two or three big meals, eat six small meals. This will teach your body that food is in abundance. Your body will learn that it does not have to store future energy in the form of fat under the skin.

4. Strengthen Stomach Muscles

You can strengthen your abdominal muscles by practicing crunches and planks. There are quite a few variations for these two exercises. They will tighten your stomach or midsection muscles.

5. Drink Optimum Quantities of Water Every Day

Drink as much water as your body needs in the daytime. When your body has optimum water levels, it is a good thing to promote metabolism.

6. Don’t Eat Heavy Meals or Drink After Evening

Night is not good time for heavy meals. However, our culture has it that we eat a heavy meal late in the night. This will deprive your body of the rest it needs. Even while you sleep, your digestive system has to work hard. This will make it difficult for you to wake up early in the morning. Remember, exercising early in the morning gives you the best results.

7. Keep it All Simple

Don’t complicate simple things. Burning fat, and living healthy is simple. To get rid of stomach fat flab, all you have to do is prevent the accumulation of fat into your body. Eat healthy and exercise daily – that is all you need.

Health Tips For Dewy Eyes

Everyone desires to have dewy and charming eyes, especially for the female, they use the eye shadow or mascara only to make their eyes more attractive. Even if you do not have beautiful eyes, you can make your eyes look healthy, lively and full of vitality.

1. Overlooking

You will certainly feel tired when you use eyes for too long. In this way, you can stand up and see something far away such as the blue sky, the green mountains and trees, which not only makes your eyes to have a rest, but also plays a role in clearing soul and opening mind.

2. Movement

As time goes by, the flexibility and clarity of the eyes will decline. In order to keep your eyes bright, you may do some eye gymnastics. First of all, move your eyes counterclockwise and blink twice, then clockwise and blink another twice. Keep it each day for one minute each time.

3. Massage with fingertips

When your eyes are stinging or bloodshot, it is an effective method to massage eyes with your fingertips. First, close your eyes and massage the skin around your eyes with fingertips. Then close eyes for five minutes. Finally, massage your temples. The process will make your eyes feel more comfortable.

4, Keep away from the radiation area

We can not live in the era without electrical appliances. Computers, televisions and telephones have become our daily necessity. But as they bring us convenience and entertainment, they also take away our vision. So try to use less such products with serious radiation. Instead, you could spend some time on walk or reading.

5. Drink less water at night

Do not drink too much water before going to bed, especially after 10, so as not to make eyes become swollen when you wake up next morning. If you feel a little thirsty, you can just gargle. But if you really feel thirsty, drink a little water. Do not drink too much.

6. Ensure enough sleep

Only with enough sleep will eyes look bright and dewy. Therefore, remember to ensure or maintain a normal sleep time as far as possible unless work is necessary.